ATTENTION: Your personal Data has been Hacked! Well, you’re always getting hacked.

Equifax is just the latest in a long list personal data breaches.  Share & Subscribe.

Deal With New Home Builders and Bad Neighbors Like a BOSS!! Forward, Subscribe, Share, Tag. Thx!

This video just stands on its own.  There comes a time when you just got to take matters into your own hands.  Consider this inspiration!

Zillow continues assault on Real Estate Agents. Instant Offer Hits 3rd Major Market.

For those of you who thought Zillow’s beta test of its “Instant Offer” program was a temporary dip into the real estate brokerage world, think again.  Zillow has just expanded Instant Offer

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When RESPA goes unpunished, an angel loses its wings.

This is a story all to familiar to loan officer, but I felt the rest of the Real Estate Industry and the population of “consumers” should be aware of what’s happening (or

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Cordray to leave CFPB, But will his Ghost live on?

It looks like Richard Cordray is going to leave the CFPB for green pastures.  The question is, when?  Will he finish his term as director, or stick around to push through as

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Quicken Loans Gets Hosed by: Stupid Judge, Greedy Lawyers, and a CFPB Rule Thats About to be the Law of the Land.

Quicken Loans was engaged in an activity that every lender in the country did at the time.  Watch then FORWARD, SHARE, TAG!  thx.

If you suck at loans, just get a second job. That always fixes the problem.

I don’t have any words to describe Shannon Hoff…..  Other than awesome!!