Brian Stevens

MortgageShots is the result of 10 years of mortgage media and another 15 years of writing loans. I’ve come to believe that the best information about the industry is unfiltered and engaging. It’s the goal of MortgageShots to deliver that product.

First, Unfiltered. Our goal is not to offend but I see an industry that’s being overrun due to our collective and majority silence. I find that offensive. Rather, honest and fearless content that reflects the opinions of the silent majority that write loans today will be reflected on Mortgage Shots.

Second, Engaging. Technology is a language that’s not being spoken by lenders today. MortgageShots is committed to our analog approach for a digital frame of mind. MortgageShot’s posts will all come with videos that act as pictures. So any picture can be clicked on and viewed as a video. Further, those video’s will all be hosted on all social sites. Meaning each picture in our written articles can also be found on Mortgage Shots Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest sites.

MortgageShots also wants to make it easy for you to engage. If you want to share, please feel free. If you want to share your opinion, please feel free. We will not edit or filter any responses. This is to be a forum that’s as much yours and ours.

Understand, this is not an experiment. MortgageShots is here to stay.  It’s exciting and I think it has the ability to change how we exchange mortgage information.  Enjoy.




There is definitely a growing “buzz” surrounding MortgageShots and we are uniquely positioned to add significant velocity to your marketing efforts like no one else.   The people you want to connect with already tune-in.  As an advertiser with us, you become a visible sponsor and resource to others who appreciate this unfiltered approach to marketing.

Advertisers will enjoy direct access to consult & contribute on future MortgageShots posts.   Our relationship will be one of collaboration and industry messaging rather than over-used recruitment calls.  Site traffic currently averages 50,000 views per month which increases with every post.  Simply being available to our viewers will set your company apart from others.


There are two ways you can advertise with us:


Banner Ad

A banner ad on the website is $1,000 per month and can re-direct clicks to any site you choose.  Viewers click your banner and immediately see your message!  You simply provide a 300×100 banner and the link to your landing page.  We do not provide regular direct mentions to our sponsors unless they are relevant and/or have contributed to the particular post.

Send your 300×100 banner to:  ads@MortgageShots.com

Premier Contributing Partner

A designated page on our website that functions identically as the home page allowing you to engage with people across all of the MortgageShots digital platforms.  A Premier Contributing Partner is strategic enough to understand that their messaging will be more effective & widely consumed using open industry platforms as opposed to their company website/blog.  We only have room for three active partners and will provide professional video consultation, production, scripting & editing service as needed.  Your company will have unlimited posts & distribution to all social networks & subscribers.

A long-term campaign on MortgageShots positions your brand as leaders on industry issues.  People will “tune-in” and know about you before you ever speak with them.

To discuss details and pricing for a Premier Contributing Partner, send your inquiry to:  ads@MortgageShots.com

Let’s talk!

We’ll schedule a video conference call to discuss your marketing goals and begin constructing the strategy to get there.  We are good at this stuff.  If you have a specific growth directive or need a simple branding approach, we can help!

Contact us:  ads@MortgageShots.com



MortgageShots Kills

Technology is moving at light speed; unfortunately most loan officers are simply not able to keep pace.  Effective marketing can deliver immediate results and the opportunity has never been greater than it is today.   We offer a structure to help motivated LO’s get in the game and create a simple but powerful approach to their marketing.   MortgageShots Kills is a private group that teaches marketing at the individual level.  We incorporate video production & editing, agent networking skills, and social media connectivity training conducted in a group environment.   Let’s face it, an extra deal or two every month or two has massive impact on the personal and corporate bottom line!

We have options for individuals as well as at corporate levels. A company can increase production by adding new hires or helping your existing people operate at a higher level.  Either way, MortgageShots Kills can help your originators become effective marketers and as a result, stronger producers.

For more information, please email us:  kills@MortgageShots.com