Scheduling Is Key for Loan Officers.

From the unorganized to organized, the small to top producers, scheduling may be the difference.  Scheduling allows you to set goals; how many people to talk too, how many appointments to set.

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Competition. Is it a good thing? Jonny Fowler

Jonny Fowler of Hancock Mortgage has some thoughts on Competition in the Mortgage Industry.  Check it out and make sure to forward and share.

Advice for dealing with Negative Loan Officers: Jonny Fowler

Straight forward and always to the point.  Jonny has words of wisdom for negative Loan Officers.  If you have any questions about Hancock Mortgage Jonny’s always available for a discreet conversation.  Call

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For the Health of the Industry, Recruit the Youngbloods!

Jonny brings up a great point about the future of the Mortgage Industry.  For us to remain or even become more healthy, we need to actively recruit new young Loan Officers.  The

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Racehorse (Rated NC-17 for language)

Racehorses are trained for one thing… to RUN FAST!  Let’s face it, top producing loan officers are very much like racehorses because they have trained themselves to run fast and deliver the numbers on

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Watch your NMLS license. You may not know this one. Jonny Fowler.

Jonny Fowler of Hancock mortgage brings up a great point about all the loans a loan officer writes.  Point being; those loans stay connected to your license for life.  Meaning, make sure

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