Hancock Mortgage Management Team. Tips for All Loan Officers.

Quick tips for Loan Officers from the Hancock Mortgage Team.   Best Practices for everyone in sales to follow.

Jonathan Fowler, Senior Vice President for Hancock Mortgage Partners, LLC

Today, Brian & Jonny have an open discussion about current industry issues and the importance of education in Real Estate & Lending.  Be sure to post your thoughts and comments down below and forward/share

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Winners and Losers in The Loan Biz.

Do you have false ceilings for success?   Don’t fall victim to limitations.  Truth is, you can be as successful as you want, provided you’re willing to put the work in.  Jonny

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Loan Officer, Wash Rinse Repeat, Like a Boss!

A piece of marketing wisdom from the mind of Jonny Fowler from Hancock Mortgage Partners.  If you fundings are inconsistent, hear what Jonny has to say.  Then do it.

Attitude is Muscle Memory

If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, do yourself a favor and “ease into it.”  If not, you’re going to be sore tomorrow and your days at the gym

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Scheduling Is Key for Loan Officers.

From the unorganized to organized, the small to top producers, scheduling may be the difference.  Scheduling allows you to set goals; how many people to talk too, how many appointments to set.

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