Hancock’s Gregg Pechmann is The Elite LO. 16,411 Leads 25 closings this month!

Gregg Pechmann is the loan officer others should try to emulate.  He’s consistent, honest, a beast closer, humble, and willing to help virtually anyone who shows an interest in improving their business.  Pechmann, as he’s known, is not only the top producer at Hancock Mortgage Partners, he also ranks as the top producer with his listing booster account with number of agents, listings, leads, and probably conversion.  Gregg attributes 7 to 8 closings per month to his listing booster account.  Yet to put this in perspective, if he quit listing booster and it’s monthly production value, he would  still close more loans than 99% of the industry.  I say this because it would be foolish for me to try to attribute Pechmann’s success to Listing Booster.  That is absolutely not the case.  In fact without Listing Booster he’d probably find a different tool to replace the production.  I point this out because being a Top Producer is a mindset not a tool you simply plug-in.

When using technology the right way, all loan officers can achieve.  Yet, when loan officers, falsley believe technology replaces effort, they will always lose.  I know this because I’ve seen loan officers both succeed and fail with the same technology.  The reason is simple, it’s the loan officer behind the technology that makes the systems ultimately succeed or fail.  Pechmann is a loan officer who always finds a way to win.  I know this sounds boastful, but it’s true.  Truth be told this will probably embarrass Gregg, but I believe loan officers who are trying to find their footing in the industry, deserve to hear the truth.  If you’re using a product, Listing Booster or another, its success depends entirely on what you do with it.  So hear what Gregg has to say and try to take a few ideas and consistently apply them to your business.

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