Loan Officer Scott Senner cultivates 1,000 leads a month in 10 minutes per Day.

I’m glad you made it past the Subject Line.  Personally, I would have read it, called bullshit, and moved on.   I’ve always thought, there’s no way that’s possible.  There is no way in hell Scott honestly spends 10 minutes per day and gets 1,000 result.  If that was the case, everyone would do it.  Well, that’s not the case.  Everyone doesn’t understand what it takes to make these results happen.  Everyone can work hard (they don’t) but not everyone can work smart.

The results I posted in the subject line are, in fact, accurate.  The question Scott ponders is “what to do with the leads.”  How can he convert these “prospects” into closed deals.  Understand, the leads Scott gets are folks, at minimum, interested in a home for sale.  Now having the personal information of thousands of people “interested in a home for sale,” is a great place for a sales person to reside.  In fact it’s only place great Loan Officers and Real Estate agents spend their time.  That being, in between conversations about buying and selling homes.  What a great problem to have.

Scott Senner is one of few Elite Listing Booster users.  Take a few minutes of your time to hear what he’s doing, to learn what he’s doing, and then go do it yourself.  The best way to become a great Loan Officer is to emulate their behavior.  Do what they do, and then try to do it better.  Remember, it’s easy to not watch, to not adopt, to not focus. That’s what the vast majority of Loan Officers do; just get alone as a “middle of the road” professional.  Personally, I think that sucks.  I think you should put in the work and become a great Loan Officer.  So watch Scott, it’s a step in the right direction.

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