You never know where your Hundred Thousand Dollar client hides.

You have $100,000 clients, you’ll find $100,000 clients, but only if you always keep your eyes open.  The damnedest people show up at the damnedest times.  For the full tilt boogey Loan Officer or Real Estate agent, you always have to keep your eyes and ears open because you just never know.  This is my story of how a loaf of bread turned into a veritable endless stream of qualifiable borrowers.  A referral thread that paid handsomely for years.  The moral to the story is, if you don’t turn the all the rocks over, you’re missing valuable opportunities.

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“You never know where your Hundred Thousand Dollar client hides.”
  • I called a guy on Autotrader in Palm Springs, CA in regards to a car that I had been searching for over 6 months to locate and after a 45 minute conversation regarding the car, then boats, then houses I asked the gentleman why he was selling the car if he loved it and babied it so much…. His response was that he was buying his dream house with his wife and needed the payment gone to qualify…… Obviously I stepped in to offer my services of at least giving the 1003 and income information an overview. He ended up liking me and trusting me within the first 45 minutes. I closed a cash-out refinance, and $1m purchase all from a random autotrader ad over 200 miles away from me…. The downside was that I was also able to save him from selling his car so he was able de-list it and keep the car. Moral of the story….. I am still hunting for that car with quite a bit of extra coin to go hunting for it.

  • You sounded pretty hungry, glad you got your Reuben.

    The simple things we all forget about sometimes with all of our shiny objects. The basics always win.

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