Robot Realtor!

Realtor Magazine published an article “Robots can’t replace Realtors.”  Got me thinking, can they?  Is it so far fetched to think actual robots might replace realtors.  If you say “no” then you

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David Stevens, CFPB, & What a Clinton Presidency Would Mean.

Part 2 of 4.  MBA President David Stevens discusses the CFPB and their current reach, what that would mean if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.  My personal takeaway is this;  listen closely

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Happy Friday Real Estate Agents!!

Just have a great weekend and keep your work in front of you.  We’re near March so New Years resolutions are either being kicked it, or kicked aside.  Kick them In!!

State Of The Mortgage Industry with David Stevens.

David Stevens is arguably the most influential person in the mortgage industry today.   At a time where the industry is challenged with constant change and shifting guidelines and expectations, lenders need

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How Hillary Clinton Really Feels About Lenders

In a recent town hall discussion on MSNBC Hillary Clinton was asked how she would help the Hispanic community.  The response was astounding and truly gives an insight into what the future

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Realtors Help Stop Carrier From Exporting Jobs.

The heat and air company “Carrier” decided to export jobs from Indiana to Mexico.  Carrier employees have been working hard in Indiana since the 1950.  Realtors are uniquely positioned to help.  Many

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