Part 2. Realtors Have A New Competitor…

You know the old saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” It appears a title company has been at this for quite some time.  The question I have, “If you’re a real estate agent, would you support a title company that owns part or all of competitors?”  Watch the video and feel free to leave a comment.

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“Part 2. Realtors Have A New Competitor…”
  • Your electriceye link is wrong. Dropped the “r” in realtor in the url.

    Electriceye, and many third party email monitors, cause a lot of problems with various firewalls and blockers. You should take this inhouse and monitor from your own servers.

  • Good to know about the title companies. Fortunately De. is a attorney state and the attorney chooses the title company.

  • Used to be a tax professional. Had clients that started dealing with a certain financial advisor. This company started doing mortgages, tax prep, etc. When a client asks about these sorts of relationships, I always said that using unrelated parties always leads to more transparency and oversight. The mortgage guy isn’t going to point out the three lost tax opportunities if the same guy signs both of their paychecks.

  • My buddies, who own a real estate company with 500 agents, bought a 40% interest in a title company, AND a mortgage company. They keep the Title thing quiet.

  • Why is it wrong to expand into the industry in which you operate? Why is it wrong to purchase or have an interest in your lead source? This is the free market in its glory. As a consumer we can choose what title company to use. If you pay cash, no title insurance is required. Additionally, one can always negotiate that the seller pay for it.