Scott Schuhwerk’s 11,000 Listing Booster Lead Strategy.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Lincoln California.  Probably not.  I have and I think they have more cows than people.  Probably not.  It just seems that way.  Anyways, Loan Officer Scott Schuhwerk lives in Lincoln California and the fact that he lives in “little ole” Lincoln makes it even more extraordinary that he’s generated over 11,ooo leads with his listing booster account.  Scott is defiantly a Listing Booster Elite Loan Officer.  On a side note, what would Scott’s production look like if he moved to a large market?  Hell, what if Scott moved to a smaller market?  Well, I can tell you.  Scott would win in any market and any market conditions.  The reason is simple; Scott knows how to kick ass.

I’ve been putting these Listing Booster “Elite” video’s out for the past couple of weeks in hopes that other Loan Officers will find inspiration and work towards production numbers that rival some of our Elite Loan Officers.  I would say “Probably Not” but the outcome depends entirely on you.  You can either watch the video and continue on, business as usual.  Or you could listen close, take notes, reach out, and kick ass like Scott.  It’s up to you.

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