Senator Feinstein’s Shady $19 Billion Dollar Real Estate Deal. MUST SEE!!

It’s been around for a while but you probably don’t know.  Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband landed an exclusive $19 billion dollar contract with the United States Postal Service.  Now of course, she claims no interference, but it sure seems suspicious.  In any event, check out the video and SHARE.  Let’s hold congress accountable.

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“Senator Feinstein’s Shady $19 Billion Dollar Real Estate Deal. MUST SEE!!”
  • Wow. Btw, $19B / 56 buildings = $340 Million per building? Where are these located, all in NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, etc?

    This audit report (39 pages) by the Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) of the USPS addresses a contract valued at ~$118 Million for selling 49 buildings and handling 1,698 leases. The USPS’s report recommends (In April 2015) it be terminated and have it opened up to “recompete”.

    This was 2 years ago. Did USPS follow their own reports recommendations?

  • You have conveniently forgotten to assess whether the exclusive deal because of the companies extensive nationwide contacts and presence in multiple marketplaces just might have increased the USPS sales prices or reduced the time to produce the contracts to purchase. Instead you believe it best to spread the wealth regardless of the ability to perform. Interesting Brian, that sounds a bit socialistic and seems a short sited analysis of all relevant information. Let’s do the work before crying wolf.

    • Right Lyn. Who isn’t willing to pay more for a property based on who the listing brokerage is or how quickly they wrote the contract up! Oh wait, this is the real world? You mean no one has ever paid a dime more for either of those things? You mean there’s multiple brokerages with a nation-wide footprint that can provide the same exact services for less of a commission? Damn that real world, always meddling.

  • That Real Estate Company is one of the largest commercial Realtors in the US. Why shouldn’t they land that contract? Was it bid?

    Meanwhile I find it amazing that you would go after Blum and Feinstein (REAL billionaires) while our government is functioning as an arm of the Trump/Kushner family enterprises and you have nothing to say about that. Please be consistent.

    • Ok, so Feinstein and Blum are REAL BILLIONAIRES, and NOT ONE DEMOCRATE is saying anything about THEM….BUT anybody that Donald Trump has appointed that has THAT kind of money is looked on as WALL STREET – AND FEINSTEIN ISNT???????? REALLY?????? WHERE OH WHERE DID SHE GET ALL THAT MONEY??? BEING A SENATOR???? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!????

      • She got it because her husband has been a wheeler-dealer since long before she was a Senator.

  • I feel that this has become a politicized blog. When you also bring out all the things that the Trump/Kushner group are doing PAY FOR PLAY, I will start listening to you Blog.

    As a realtor I want to know about my business and mortgage information not your views since the election.

  • The very same husband of the very same Senator also landed a $1B contract to build the first section of the High Speed Rail project through the Central Valley. Of course that doesn’t include electrical hookups or rolling stock. It sure pays to be married to Diane Feinstein.

    • I know right. Political cronyism is big business on all sides
      So get used to it
      Follow the money and you will find the truth. Good or bad.
      I’m amazed how a small business owner like a realtor could be drinking the coolaide that any politicial party or pundent is your freind Ha what a joke
      Libertarian free thinker freedom fighter

  • Obviously, I don’t have all facts and I’m in no way defending this action because I don’t have the complete picture. My confusion is how you are outraged that it was an exclusive listing. In my 25 years, I have never taken a listing that was not exclusive! And I don’t anticipate I ever will.
    If you are suggesting that opportunity to request or bid the listing was only offered to her husband, that would be a different story.

  • This isn’t the first time that her husband has landed, non-compete, contracts from her.

  • You’re just catching on to this NOW? Hellllooooo! We found out about this when they were trying to sell the post office in La Jolla (we stopped it) and let the people up in Berkeley know it when they were trying to sell THEIR post office. This was like five years ago. They protested at her office and the Chronicle because they wouldn’t cover it.

    Now the question is, why are the post offices being sold. Because Darrell Issa and other Reeps are trying to put the USPS out of business so they can give all the business to the corporations lobbying in Washington to take over the business. In 2006, right before the Reeps lost control of Congress, they slipped in a bill that mandated funding of the pension of PO workers 75 years in the future (which no one does) to drive it out of business. So Brian, this is a bi-partisan effort on corruption. If you’re going to tell the story, tell the FULL story. And if you don’t believe me, get your research dept on it. Looking forward to your segment on Issa. Thanks in advance.

  • There is a whole other side to this story that is being missed. I own some land that the USPS leases from me and when it came time to renew the lease I got a phone call from a scumbag agent from CBRE. (not all agents are scumbags, in fact most are stand up people but this guy should have been selling crappy used cars)and that agent told me that he would be happy to re-negotiate a new lease but he demanded 6% and he was “doing me a favor by not charging the standard of 8%” to renew a lease for the USPS. The bullshit thing about it was USPS hired this guy, not me yet USPS would not pay his commission, I had to. So explain to me how a company hired by the USPS to do a job for the USPS is not responsible to pay for that service. I have been in contact with other land owners whom lease to the USPS and there is a pending investigation into the crooked contract CBRE has with the USPS.

    Long story short is he had me over a barrel and if I chose not to pay his commission the USPS would not renew. I called every high level person I could find at USPS and only got crickets. Not one person would hear my side of the issue. We ended paying the commission ,by extortion, and when I asked for a clause in the contract saying if USPS bailed early on the lease CBRE would pay back a proportional percentage of the commission the agent literally laughed at me and say we will never agree to that. These are the guys that make it hard for ethical agents to be trusted. I hope this deal exposed CBRE for the scumbags they are and buries the company.