Does Trump’s Budget Gut the CFPB?

Does Trump’s budget “gut” the CFPB?  The short answer is “yes,” but you may be interested in how the full story plays out.  Let me know what you think, and leave comments down below.  FORWARD & SHARE.

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“Does Trump’s Budget Gut the CFPB?”
  • Clickbate. You have no idea what you are talking about. The ONLY way that Trump can curtail the CFPB without congressional approval is to appoint a new director in July of 2018, or maybe sooner if Cordray leaves to run for governor of Ohio.

    The budget line items that you refer to are NOT part of appropriations. They are OTHER budgetary items just like the Federal Reserve budget is OTHER budgetary items that are still listed in the budget. Trump nor Congress can directly cut this budget. It will take a new director to scale back the CFPB, and even then he/she will still have mandated operations that would equal about $400 million.

    You also still have the fact that the large banks WANT portions of the CFPB to remain intact.

    You could have asked some experts instead of rambling off this nonsense.

    • I said as much. In fact, the first half of the video explains your point. I also explained that it didn’t make sense that Trump had this on his budget and i questioned if it was “even legal.” I went on and set up a hypothetical “if Trump could do this” scenario. Thanks for the comment.

  • Your parting words, “CFPB completely out of business”… not a chance, Just like Trump’s Muslim Ban, and his Healthcare Plan, his budget is DOA, You said it best at about 2:15 mins, “it’s light on details”, But I have to hand it to you, at least you read the budget plan, you can bet your last dollar Trump didn’t. I hope changes are made to the CFPB, and once Czar Cordray is gone in 2018, I hope he is replaced by a committee, which would include industry and consumer interests. I also hope in Trump follows Cordray out the door in 2018. Unfortunately, I give both of the “hopes” a snowballs chance in hell.