Zillow Investigated by CFPB. Guess who called it.

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“Zillow Investigated by CFPB. Guess who called it.”
  • I’ve always thought paying for or buying leads of any kind were a respa violation, at minimum, it violates the spirit of the law, imo. Never needed to buy a lead in 20 years, not gonna start now.

  • Hell yes! Preach on my Brother! Haters gonna hate, so it may as well be someone that is successful!

  • I agree with the CFBP in the sense that they are breaking the law.. When Zillow charges a LO $50 for a “Long Form” lead, they in turn send that consumers info to the LO, and the LO’s info to the consumer… It’s only sold to me.. it’s exclusive.. and they send my info to them, stating I’m their “preferred” lender.. and they (Zillow) receives a commission ($50) for the referral. In every shape and form, this is a RESPA Violation. Now I think that this shouldn’t be illegal,,, as I’m all for free markets and such, but when you compare what they are doing to RESPA rules, it’s black and white to me..
    Now lets talk about new home builders and how they have their “Preferred” lenders and only if you use their lender will the builder contribute (ie, Induce) to the buyers closing costs.. Come on CFBP.. let’s get too it!!

  • Thank you! Keep it up guys. Zillow and Trulia (same company for those that don’t know) are held to no professional standards that the rest of us licensed folks have abide by in the real world. They have nothing for there site, accept for a few sale by owner properties and rentals, if we don’t syndicate our propriety information from our mls to them. We allow them to take advantage of us and our industry. Enough Said!

  • Never been a fan of Zillow’s “product”. Horrible work yet their marketing makes them look like they’re all that. Good marketing there Zillow, but I’m not buying into it. I’m no Zidiot.

  • LOVED the video, watched it THREE times and busted a gut (still do not know what she is saying) yes I failed EBONICS!!!

  • The girl is saying “Catch me outside, how ’bout that?” She is acting tough to someone in the audience, LOL!

  • I agree….I’ve been saying it for years, Dump Zillow….When is the NAR and our own Boards going to watch out for us and give us our 1 and only site. It’s our listings. We should have more control and we could illuminate the selling of our listings and help pay for our dues etc.