Zillow’s “Instant Offers” could be Extinction Level Event for Agents.

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“Zillow’s “Instant Offers” could be Extinction Level Event for Agents.”
  • What utter nonsense. You’ve outdone yourself this time, Brian.

    “Why in the hell would you do that?” (Use a Premier Agent)

    Because typically a home sold on the open market, with an agent, typically nets the seller more money.

    • Hey Jay, you should probably disclose to all those reading your reply on here that you actually work to Zillow. You know, full disclosure and all.

    • Jay, it would seem that Brian does not associate a Zillow Premier Agent as a truly open market agent. Brian clearly supports open market agents but I think he wrongly associates Zillow with a great conspiracy that I hear often that Zillow is coming after the traditional relationship between seller and their agent. Zillow is clearly a disrupter in the market and that is a great thing.

      Shame that what could be a great discussion on tools that Zillow offers a reduced to bashing of Zillow as this video irrationally inflames the conspiracy.

      You have work cut out for you Jay. Keep up the battle.

    • Jay,

      The success of Open door and Offerpad are proof that sellers will take less than market value for there home in exchange for push button convenience. And that there will be enough of them to take serious market share. Zillow isn’t stupid, they know how to make money, they don’t care if it comes from agents or investors .

    • I don’t think it’s nonsense. I’ve refused to pay Zillow since inception for the same reason I think Dave Ramsey is a their in the night… It harms the consumer. Y’all run the cost up at the expense of the consumer and I’m not okay with that. If Zillow wants to compete, open a brokerage. All you have to do is look at redfin and see that won’t work.

  • I could only watch 1/3 of this video. This guy is 2x as annoying as the “this is huuuugggee ” douche in the Kia car dealer commercials.

    Regarding the actual topic… this won’t work. I field dozens of the dumbest questions on every single deal. The general public enjoy the comfort of having someone to work with. This may help a minority of owners who prefer do things themselves, but that’s about it.

  • You lost me by referencing “the singer of Sound garden is a thing of the past”
    That was cold and tacky shock value that frankly refuse to watch the rest because of it….going back to my bubble.
    Let me know how it all works out…

  • Any mortgage lender using Mortech’s pricing engine Marksmen should know that Zillow is the parent company. Just imagine how much information can be derived from the service each and everyday. As they say “knowledge is power” and Zillow gains tremendous industry knowledge every time you lock a loan using Marksmen

  • I look at Zillow the same as a person needing surgery and having it done by Web MD. Cheaper though😜

  • It is time that we slay the dragon:

    Stop sweeping MLS listings into the dragons mouth.
    Stop paying the dragon for leads off of listings we generated.
    Demand that local, state & NAR take action to organize Realtors & show what is going on to eliminate Realtors.
    Mortgage Companies would be next.
    Then Title Companies, inspectors, surveyors, etc would take their turn at extinction.

    & so on.

    • Towne is completely right, This is Facebook in 2005. Whether we like it or not we are facing extinction. I am pulling ALL my zillow adverting dollars on Monday and putting them into realtor.com

    • I been saying this for years. Zillow is for them selves and they see Realtors as a cash cow. When is our Industry going to see what is going on and protect the Realtors. We have the product, We do the work to secure listings and we supply our data to Zillow for free and they sell it back to us in the form of leads . If you are willing to pay enough you can buy leads from anyone’s listings. It’s all at our expense. Now if that doesn’t sound stupid I don’t know what does. It is internet overload. Too Many Sites, we need one good one site that look out for the Realtor’s best interest….after all we own the listings.