March Madness on MortgageShots FINAL STANDINGS

From 68 teams down to the last one standing – congratulations to North Carolina as 2017 NCAA National Champions!  What an awesome story of a team busting their ass to get back and

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Update: March Madness on MortgageShots (Final Four edition)

  Living up to all the hype, this years basketball tournament has been pure March Madness!    Plenty of amazing games, buzzer beating shots, and great story lines with new teams making

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Keller Mortgage is Here!

It appears Keller Williams has thrown their hat into the mortgage arena.  I’ve got some thoughts on this, check out the video to find out & let me know what you think!

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UPDATE: March Madness on MortgageShots

  With the first two rounds now complete, where do you stand?  Looks like some intense competition at the top.  Round three starts on Thursday.  Log in today and check your brackets!  

CFPB Refunds 10 Cents! Who says they’re not doing their job!

The problem with the ten cents is the enormous amount of money a lender or an agency has to put in place to catch that 10 cents.  There becomes a point when regulation

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March Madness on MortgageShots

Test your college basketball I.Q. against your peers in the Real Estate and Lending Communities.  All you have to do is fill out your, free, and fully automated bracket to follow the

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Leads in a world of Compliance

Response to yesterday’s video regarding CFPB examiners talking leads and compliance.